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End-Grip Forceps

Hang on to your membrane, the craftsmanship and precision of the End-Grip tip paired with the fine control of the ACTU8 handle provide a perfect duo for your next peel.

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We promise you will want to switch after trying.  Our soft tips make passing through vavled cannulas easy, while at the same time providing improved flow rates.  Ask us for a sample.

Soft Tip Cannula


Injection Kits

Use one of our standard kits or work with us to design your own injection kit saving you time and money.

New products


PC Maintainer

Helps prevent hypotony while suturing, this 30ga needle with one-step insertion needle is great for training facilities and re-ops.

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Curved E.D.D.

Safe and effective external drainage now available with a curved shaft.

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Myopic Forceps

Need some extra length...our myopic forceps are here to help.  Coming in at 35mm long, these forceps are sure to reach the back of the eye every time.


27ga MAXReach Laser Probe

Not enough O's in smooth to describe the actuation of the MAXReach Laser Probe from Vortex.  Paired with its ability to curve beyond 90 degrees will make those hard-to-reach areas no problem.

27ga products

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27ga Blunt Tip Cannula

Highly radiused tip eliminates need for "soft tip".  This blunt tip cannula provides 20x the flow rate of a standard 27ga soft tip.